Our Coaching Education Department is composed by appointed academic staffs in their area. This is to train qualified students and athletes for both our countries and for our city. 1st and 2nd education and training are given training period is 4 years. Also a master's degree as Graduate is also offered. This is a department which rewards work and success in sports, maintains academic and ethical values ​​of sport, enables you to keep sport valuable, adopts that sports contributes to physical and mental health, aims to be proud of the academic and administrative, is aware of its social mission and respectful institution to environments. This department gives education by holding a vision of recognizing contribution of science and technology in sports is recognized by the scientific community, making the sport in all its aspects, habitual for students and Sakarya people located within our university, being seen as an example to other departments of Physical Education and Sports and Coaching Education. Graduates of Sports and Coaching Education can be employed in amateur and professional sports clubs, directorate and provincials of youth and sports, schools directed by ministry of national education as a sports coach or assistant sport coach. Also, graduates can work in private … All >>